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Belarus: It feels great when a customer thanks you.

Belorusneft-Osobino, our Belorusian customer ordered a second hatchery from EMKA Hatchery Equipment for the incubaion of 28 million eggs per year.

EMKA won the public tender.

The timing for production and delivery was very short. 11 weeks and the goods had to leave our factory. Customs clearence needed to be done in 2020 and no later. That was the pre-requisite. Most people said we couldn't do it because we already had a full production shedule for other projects.

Nevertheless, we accepted and went into production.

This is the letter our customer sent us.


It feels great to get recognition for our professionalism and quality.

We too thank Belorusneft-Osobino for their cooperation.

This is the best advertising a company can get.

Here is what they wrote and the translation:

Than youThank you