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EMKA Hatchery Equipment continuously develops new and innovative ways of improving incubation, hatching performance and chick quality.

We not only measure the results through counting the success we have at the chick take-off stage but realise that the most important measure is the health and quantity of day old chicks after their  first week on the rearing farm. We continuously strive to deminish first week mortality.

EMKA Hatchery Equipment has earned the trust of major breeding companies with its innovations.

These innovations result in measurable and distinct improvements in hatching quality and level.

DEL: Our eggweight-loss measuring is recognised as the best performing and and most relyable on the market today. By weighing, on average, more than 10% of all the eggs in the incubator similtaneaously, EMKA Hatchery Equipment’s measurement is precise and accurate. Moreover the eggshell temperature is measured on six different eggs on three different levels steering the setting days to the optimal weightloss required. Where EMKA Hatchery Equipment diferentiates itself even more is how we look at hatching in an innovative way. Poultry bioscience detected that egg weightloss can run up to 3% during long storage in the coldstore. Through research we have developed our eggweight-loss system to start wirelessly from the moment the eggs are stored in the coldstore making our weightloss guidance up to 30% more accurate.


TDS: Total Disinfection System, A simple and effective way of combining the humidification with the disinfection in setters and hatchers. The disinfectant is applied through the spray nozzle located in the incubators’ central console. The nozzle is used both for humidification and disinfection. In case of blockage, the hatchery manager does not need to open up the incubator and stop the hatching process. The nozzle can be removed, cleaned and replaced in a matter of seconds from within the central console.

Spiral cooling tubes: Unique to EMKA Hatchery Equipment are their double spiral cooling tubes ensuring an even temperature distribution and cooling throughout the incubator.

Tegg-save: With its direct beltless drive, EMKA Hatchery Equipment achieve the highest possible energy saving capacity through the use of the Tegg-save or programmable variable frequency invertor the motor runs at a lower speed during set times of incubation. By dropping the frequency by 15-20% a total energy saving of 50% at those stages is achieved or 25% of overall setter motor energy consumption.


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