Pulsator motor maintenance


The gear units of the pulsator motor are supplied with lubricant ready for operation. In normal operating conditions the oil should be replaced after approximately 15000 operating hours when using CLP 220, or after 25000 operating hours when using PGLP 220. The lubricant must be changed after 2 or 3 years at the latest whatever the operating hours. The units have filling plugs and drain plugs. These make it possible to change the lubricant without dissassembly.

Oils CLP 220 and PGLP 220 complying with DIN 51502 and DIN 51517 are suitable for lubricating the gear unit Lubricants of different types may not be mixed, as otherwise the lubrication characteristics may be impaired. It is also necessary to flush the gear unit enclosure if the lubricant grade or lubricant type is changed. A long service life is only ensured by the use of a one of these types of oil.

Quantity/pulsator: 1.75 litre.