Water Fowl Incubators

EMKA Hatchery Equipment has a specialised department that develops incubators, setters and hatchers, specifically for waterfowl.


Traditional Waterfowl incubation is faced with specific problems and difficulties.


The eggs need to be cooled down and sprayed at specific times during the incubation process. This is a very delicate and labour intensive undertaking. Manual coolng and spraying is the usual method. Sadly this means that the machines need to be opened up and the incubation process stopped during that time.

It is unhygenic as well because there is the need to open the incubator and risk contamination or access for pathogens.


Due to these specific waterfowl incubation challenges, EMKA Hatchery Equipment developed the “DECS” – the Dynamic Egg Cooling and Spraying system.


The DECS is a completely automated cooling and spraying process.

  • No need to open the incubator doors,
  • No need for extra staff at odd hours,
  • No need to keep track of cooling and spraying.
  • Everything is fully AUTOMATIC.


The whole machine is a revolution in waterfowl incubation. Its software was specially written to ensure first class incubation, cooling and spraying. The whole incubation process is run through its central processor and accessed by colour touchscreen with easy icon controls.

The cooling and spraying times can be programmed through a PLC controlled program during the complete incubation cycle, giving the hatchery manager the flexibility he needs.


The system includes:

  • double water cooling capacity
  • extra air outlets
  • roof mounted internal egg-spraying nozzles
  • digital IR-temperature reading of the egg shell temperature
  • touch screen management and incubation


The leading french producer of waterfowl, tried and tested the DECS-incubators and gave it the thumbs-up.


For more information about our waterfowl machines and the DECS, contact your EMKA Incubator agent or get in touch with us directly.



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