our range of products

At EMKA Hatchery Equipment we offer our
clients the products that meet their needs.

Whether you are looking for our Top of the Range Tegg-range which includes the ultimate in cooling systems using TEGGNOLOGIC27 Pat.®, CO2-steering, egg weight loss measurement, eggshell temperature control or just the basic incubator, that still achieves outstanding results, we pride ourselves knowing that your trust in us will be well-deserved.


EMKA Hatchery Equipment supplies it all.

As a trusted supplier EMKA Hatchery Equipment offers superior hatchery equipment and spare parts. Each part of the incubator has been tested through and through to help produce uniform, robust, healthy and vigorous chicks.


All our equipment conforms to E.C. norms and passes our own stringent testing.

EMKA Hatchery Equipment concept is to enable the user to understand these complex machines through simple and robust interfaces. They hide all the complexity and technology so that the hatchery manager can concentrate on his job.


EMKA Hatchery Equipment, stunning performances, every time