Dynamic Embryo Link

Automated Egg Weight Loss management

Dynamic Embryo Link: Automated Egg Weight Loss management


An eggshell is:

  • A container, an envelope that protects life
  • It is porous but secure
  • The shell allows Air, O², CO² and  humidity to pass through in both directions


For the embryo to grow correctly the egg needs to incubate and lose ± 12% (depending on the breed) of its weight in moisture during the first 18 days in the setter. Most broilers are incubated with closed ventilation for the first part of incubation which allows for logarithmic egg weight loss. Layers are mostly linear egg weight loss as the birds are more delicate and harder to hatch.



Not enough egg weight loss means:

  • The air cell is too small
  • The unhatched chick suffocated
  • It not pip


Too much:

  • Large aircell
  • Membrane is dry and sticks to the chick
  • Pipped but did not hatch, died in shell


Just right:

  • Ideal
  • Healthy
  • Vigorous
  • Closed navel


The Dynamic Embryo Link (DEL) is an Egg weight loss measurement and incubation steering system:

  • It gives fully automated accurate weightloss setter incubation
  • It is more precise than any other system because it weighs 4800 eggs which is an average of 8,3% of the total egg capacity
  • The system is totally wireless
  • Optionally wireless coldstore measurement for coldstore weightloss measurement, up to 30% more accurate
  • Contains 6 infra-red eggshell temperature sensors for accurate egg shell temperature monitoring




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