• trusted hatchery equipment
  • Trusted hatchery equipment
  • Trusted hatchery equipment
  • trusted hatchery equipment
trusted hatchery equipment

At EMKA Incubators we offer our clients the products that meet their needs.

Whether you are looking for our Top of the Range Tegg-range which includes the ultimate in cooling systems using Dry Hatch Technology with TEGGNOLOGIC27 Pat.®, CO2-steering, egg weight loss measurement, eggshell temperature control or just the basic incubator, that still achieves outstanding results, we pride ourselves knowing that your trust in us will be well-deserved.


EMKA Hatchery Equipment supplies it all.



EMKA Hatchery Equipment, stunning performances, every time

EMKA Hatchery Equipment BV strives to earn your trust in every aspect of its organization.

Our 24/7 support team is ready to assist you through all available channels,

Telephone, Skype, Email or even by fax.