Free cooling

Traditional incubators use Cooling Water temperature between 10°C and 15°C. With the “Dry Hatch” Cooling is done with water of 27°C A temperature above the incubator dew point.

An outdoor cooling unit (chiller if needed) produces incubator cooling water at a temperature of 27°C. As with traditional incubators, this cooling water absorbs the heat produced by the growing embryos, keeping them at a steady temperature of 100°F.

The cooling water leaves the incubator at a temperature of +/- 32°C and returns to the cooling unit. This is a substantial financial advantage through extreme energy savings compared to a traditional incubator cooling system: the outgoing water needs to be cooled back from 32°C to only 27°C ≠ 5 °C (traditional incubator ≠15°C).

REAL financial advantage


Cooling can even be done FREE in moderate climates. Whenever the outside temperature is below 24°C cooling does NOT go through the chiller but through the Dry Cooler that only uses 1/4 of the energy. Remember that a hatchery runs 24 h a day. so if the tempeature is highduring the daytime we'll use a chiller but at night when temperatures drop we'll automatically witch to a Dry Cooler.


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