Trusted Hatchery Equipment


At EMKA Hatchery Equipment we not only believe it is our aim but that it is our duty to

offer our customers the products that will give consistent high returns and high yields.


EMKA Hatchery Equipment has continuously improved and renewed its product range.

Our incubators and hatcheries offer the most modern technological advances that our

customers require in this ever competitive business.


EMKA Hatchery Equipment  achieves simplicity of use with the most advanced technology

allowing you to trust that the life created in the incubators is healthy and strong.


EMKA Hatchery Equipment  offers setters and hatchers that will ensure you get the best

chick quality with ease of use and maintenance while keeping to strictest hygiene levels.


At EMKA Hatchery Equipment we pride ourselves at bringing together our promise and our execution.


When working together with EMKA Hatchery Equipment , you know you can trust us to bring your project to a good end.


Whether you are a large integrated organization or small farm holder looking to expand,

we know that you are looking for a partner you can trust.

That is why we invite our future customers to talk to our existing customers,

to come and take a look around hatcheries we’ve built and see for themselves

what EMKA Hatchery Equipment can do for you.


 EMKA Hatchery Equipment, stunning performance, every time



World-wide smooth installations

EMKA Hatchery Equipment installs incubators and builds hatcheries around the world.

We do our utmost to guide and help our customers in the prepartion and execution of their hatchery project.

Incubators for every need

Whatever your requirement, EMKA has your solution.

From the basic sturdy and robust Digital SC-range to the Digital touchscreen VH-range or the top of the range Tegg-series.

EMKA Hatchery Equipment gives you stunning performances, Every time.

Hatchery projects

Starting a new hatchery project can be daunting.

We are here to help.