Dry Hatch with Teggnologic27

Teggnologic27 – the first real "Dry Hatch"

Teggnologic27 has these advantages with NO downside:


  • faster closing navels reducing the risk of Omphalitis, black button
  • dry and healthy chicks with better and stronger lung development leading to lower first week chick mortality, better FCR and better growth rate.
  • optimized cooling capacity -- EMKA Incubators never overheat
  • perfect humidity control -- no temperature or humidity overshoots
  • no mold, fungal or bacteriological growth -- safety and peace of mind
  • energy saving and often free cooling -- a true financial advantage
  • dry and clean incubators -- easy to clean
  • no more fluff in the Hatcher -- fluff is caught in EMKA fluff bags


Teggnologic27 allows you to trust that our incubators will outperform your expectations.


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