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service-1EMKA Hatchery Equipment strives to earn your trust in every aspect of its organization.

Our 24/7 support team is ready to assist you through all available channels, Telephone, Email or even by fax.

In case of an emergency and if you chose the remote access model, we will be able to take over your setter or incubator remotely and run diagnostics. We will look at the parameters, analyze the data and come up with a solution that we will be able to implement without any costly travel expenses.

Get support:

  1. Note the model and serial number of your incubator that needs our intervention.
  2. Get back to your computer or telephone
  3. Choose your method of contacting us.
  4. Be ready to be helped

Telephone hotline:       +32 475 878 390 or +32 56 35 62 07

Fax hotline:                 +32 56 35 53 31

Email:                          info@emka-incubators.com