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Teggnologic 27 – the first “Dry Hatch”


Teggnologic27 – the first real dry hatch

Teggnologic27 has all advantages with NO downside. Whether running single-stage or multi-stage, traditional incubators, such as our basic VH-range, cool with water that ranges between 10 and 16°C. These have proven their usefulness over many decades and satisfy the most demanding traditionalists. Our VH-range still outperforms any of our competitors.

Cool water has the drawback of producing condensation on the cooling surface. This condensation increases the humidity in the incubators. With hatchers especially, it causes fluff to stick to the cooling surface, insulating the tubes and reducing the effectiveness of the cooling. This traditional model therefore increases the energy cost of cooling while requiring evermore reactive humidity control.

The Dry Hatch, an option on the VH-range and standard on the Tegg-Range, cools the incubators with lukewarm water of 27°C.

At first glance this seems to be counter to traditional thinking.

We pride ourselves in innovative thinking.

The colder the water, the more energy is required to bring down the incubator temperature when using a chiller as the gap between outgoing and incoming water is so great.

Moreover, in hatchers, the condensation on the cooling surface creates a barrier that increases the energy needed to cool.

With Teggnologic27, the cooling water is above the dew point and the cooling elements remain dry and free from fluff, thus optimizing the heat exchange and saving energy.

Teggnologic27 has these advantages with NO downside:

  • optimized cooling capacity   —  EMKA Incubators never overheat
  • perfect humidity control   —  no temperature or humidity overshoots
  • no mold, fungal or bacteriological growth  —  safety and peace of mind
  • energy saving and often free cooling   —  a true financial advantage
  • dry and clean incubators   —  easy to clean
  • no more fluff in the Hatcher   —  fluff is caught in EMKA fluff bags
  • dry and healthy chicks with better and stronger lung development leading to lower first week chick mortality, better FCR and better growth rate.

Teggnologic27 allows you to trust that our incubators will outperform your expectations.

Download our folder:

  • English version here
  • Spanish version here
  • French version here