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simplefid controller

The standard SC-range can be trusted to perform to your expectations without breaking your bank.

The SC-simplified controller is the analog version of the VH-range giving you all the advantages of a standard machine at an economical price. All SC-models can run flawlessly in either Single-Stage or Multi-Stage incubation.

  • Offered with the spiral cooling tubes as standard, these ensure a stable and uniform temperature control with optimum cooling capacity
  • Beltless drive and optimal airflow at any given time
  • A build concept that ensures great energy savings and ease of cleaning
  • There ability to run single or multi-stage (all-in all-out) gives the hatchery manager the choice of running the cycle the way he wants.
  • Available for all types of birds and in a wide variety of sizes, 115200 eggs for setters and 38400 for hatchers.
  • A large choice of options; CO2 steering, Variable frequency control for extra energy saving, Teggnologic27 for the ultimate in hygiene, energy saving and cooling with 27°C water.