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Bioscience and technology made simple

EMKA Hatchery Equipment’s Tegg-range can be sized up from 4800- single trolley to 115200-24 trolley for setters and 38400- 8 trolley for hatchers.

The range that allows you to trust that our incubators will outperform your expectations.

The Tegg-range takes all the advantages of the VH-range and brings them to a higher level.

 Its sleek new design shows-off its hatching ability. The Tegg-range comes with many options as standard.

  • Full control digital touch screen management
  • Fluffless hatching with EMKA fluffbags
  • CO2 steering,
  • Extra energy saving Teggnologic27 (the ultimate in hygiene and cooling with 27°C water as standard),
  • No or reduced bacteriological, fungal and mold growth
  • Easy and manageable incubator programs
  • Egg weight loss and eggshell temperature incubation and steering (optional)
  • Tegg-save: energy saving variable frequency control
  • Lowest total cost of ownership
  • Digital Teggware hatchery software compatible with MS Windows
  • Exportable historical charts and files
  • The Tegg-range is a completely air-tight sealed micro-climate that makes full use of its efficient technology

 The Tegg-range is built with the user in mind for even better chick quality results.