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LDC Group, Europe’s largest poultry integrator trusts EMKA Hatchery Equipment

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Closing 2015 on a high note, the LDC Group, one of Europe’s largest poultry integrators with brands such as “Le Gaulois”,”Marie” and “Loué” trusts EMKA Hatchery Equipment for their new hatchery. Group head Mr Huttepain, chose EMKA Hatchery Equipment after a one year comparative trial with one of the world leaders in incubation. The difference in quality hatchability was significant reaching up to 92% (of eggs set) first class day Read More

UK: BENCHMARK Vaccines chooses EMKA Hatchery Equipment teggvac vaccine range for their state of the art vaccine production

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Benchmark Vaccines Ltd, part of the Benchmark PLC Group has chosen EMKA Hatchery Equipment for its TEGGVac Vaccine incubators. Benchmark chose to go for EMKA Hatchery Equipment because no other incubator manufacturer was able to offer second stage incubators capable of running a complete Vaccine incubation cycle including end-of-run cooling. The incubators are able to automatically cool the egg embryos down to 6°C after the incubation run and so insure Read More

Morocco: Market leader SNV chooses EMKA Hatchery Equipment

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Mr. Anouar Tahiri, CEO of the Société Nouvelle de Volaille (SNV), leading broiler and layer hatchery and breeder  in Morocco has chosen to leave the traditional incubator suppliers behind and trust in the new for their hatchery expansion. The Diana holding, expanded its poultry activity in 1977, thanks to the introduction of the Société Nouvelle de Volailles, SNV, to the group. It specializes in further processed foods. Due to their will to expand the SNV give Read More

Fermy Drobiu Woźniak Sp. z o.o. Poland expands with EMKA Hatchery Equipment again

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Fermy Drobiu Woźniak Sp. z o.o. one of the largest table egg suppliers in Poland and Europe expands their hatchery with EMKA Hatchery Equipment again. After having tested EMKA Incubators “Dry Hatch” technology TEGGNOLOGIC27 extensively, the Woźniak hatchery decided to extend their hatchery with another 12 million hatching eggs per year again bringing their total capacity of table eggs close to 9 billion eggs per year. This time, however, the Read More

eXtend the life of your fertile eggs: the new Tegg-range eXtend

eXtend the life of your fertile eggs – ensure front-end bottom-line results – increase chick quality  Higher hatchability & lower post-hatch mortality Lower hatchability is the single most costly outcome for any hatchery. We, at EMKA Hatchery Equipment, do our utmost to supply incubators that not only meet but outperform our customers’ expectations. Long-term storage is the result of many factors outside the control of the hatcheries. Leaving the fertile Read More

INDONESIA, a new market opens for EMKA Hatchery Equipment

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EMKA Hatchery Equipment further extends its reach into Asia: A new market opens up for the company. EMKA Incubators’ agent ROMINDO Primavetcom has successfully penetrated the Indonesian market. Asia Africa Breeders is the first company to choose EMKA Hatchery Equipment to supply them with 4 VH-1152-S setters and 3 VH-384-H hatchers, good for 8 million eggs set per year, to start their extension. Mr Lim Ping Ming, owner and director Read More

Kuwait: Palms Agro Production Co. trusts EMKA Hatchery Equipment

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EMKA Hatchery Equipment has just completed a new Single Stage hatchery in Kuwait for the Kuwaiti Stock Market quoted Palms Agro Production Co. (Ticker: PAPCO). The hatchery is located in the desert and was built to withstand the extreme weather conditions and day/night temperature changes. Mr. Bashir Al-Tayeb Tihaji, commercial division manager of Palms Agro decided to choose EMKA Hatchery Equipment. The choice was made because of their superior Single Read More

Al-Semman Farm in the United Arab Emirates goes for EMKA Hatchery Equipment

Al-Semman Farms, one of the head to head leaders in Quail farming from the United Arab Emirates, went through a tough and rigorous selection process to finally choose EMKA Hatchery Equipment with Teggnologic27. Dr Abdullah, the resident veterinarian and in charge of the selection process, again confirmed that going for the “Dry Hatch” using Teggnologic27 was the choice for Al-Semman Farms.  Dr Abdullah noted the distinct biological and incubational advantages Read More

New agent for the UK – InterHatch –

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EMKA Hatchery Equipment is pleased to announce that Interhatch, led by the Cuckson family, has joined the ever growing group of agents for EMKA Hatchery Equipment. Interhatch has been well established in the UK and Northern Ireland for many years. Jim Cuckson, Sales Director, is confident that this new agreement will set the basis for EMKA Hatchery Equipment’s and Interhatch’s further expansion. EMKA Hatchery Equipment specialized knowledge of game bird Read More

Aviagen chooses: EMKA Hatchery Equipment introduces non-reflective colored setter trays for instant recognition

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EMKA Hatchery Equipment introduces non-reflective colored setter trays for instant recognition Large hatcheries running large and diverse flocks from different farm sources through the same hatchery often find themselves in a position where they need to be able to identify the eggs instantly. Until now, identification was only done with labels or stickers on the trays or trolleys. EMKA Hatchery Equipment introduces non-reflective colored setter trays for instant recognition. Non-reflective Read More