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Hatchery management software

emkalinkTrusted hatchery management software

Hatchery management today demands 24/7 close monitoring of all incubators and their parameters.  EMKA Incubators was the first company to produce hatchery management software that controlled all the incubators remotely. Over the years we have improved and upgraded the software and now have different versions to suit each specific need.

EMKA Incubators does not charge you any yearly software licence. Once you have purchased our software it is free for you to use.

EMKAware is pre-installed on each incubator. It allows you to program every function imaginable directly from the large touch screen display. There are no fussy remote controls which could break or run out of battery power. All controls are based on easy to understand icons. A flexable high performance micro processor control system steers and monitors the incubation. EMKAware  gives you full control over temperature, ventilation, humidity and CO2 with the optional wireless DEL egg weight loss measurement and steering.

EMKAlink is the trusted hatchery management software that provides every hatchery manager with a unique tool that allows him/her to  optimize his future proof operations today to tomorrows standards. The EMKAlink software allows the hatchery manager to monitor, program, capture date, follow alarms and start/stop everyincubator in his hatchery from one central place. this:

  • minimizes and even prevents labour intensive handling of eggs in the incubator
  • Enables to track and trace every significant event that occurred during the incubation cycle of each chick hatched in the atchery
  • Allows simple management of the most complex incubation programs
  • Each EMKA Incubator is EMKAlink ready for integration into a network.

Teggware: The latest in unified hatchery management tools runs under MS Windows that allows you to monitor, all incubators in the hatchery. All alarms and adjustments are viewed on one central screen anywhere in the hatchery. The new TeggView Icon-based user interface, for ease of use, allows the hatchery manager to monitor, adjust, receive alarms anywhere throughout the hatchery and at any time. With the iTegg option, it can be used remotely to view each individual incubator status, settings, incubation history and alarms on any smart device such as and iPad, iPhone or Android Tablet anywhere.

The EMKA Incubators Teggware and EMKAlink are able to be programmed to control all other hatchery equipment such as air-handling and chillers to be the most powerfull hatchery management software on the market.

Want to find out more about these trusted and innovative hatchery software solutions, get in touch with us or contact your local agent.