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BELARUS: Koskro trusts EMKA Hatchery Equipment

BELARUS: Koskro chooses EMKA Hatchery Equipment.

Koskro is a private company founded in 2004 ha in its core priorities breeding various species of poultry and producing related products. The main production site is the poultry complex in the village of Shinkovtsy, Grodno region.

Koskro mainly farms Cherry Valley white Peking broiler duck.

The company sells dressed ducks of 2-2.5 kilograms, cut-up duck parts (fillet, legs, wings, broth sets) and meat by-products (necks, liver, hearts, stomachs). Koskro supplies 500,000 ducks per year to the slaughterhouse for local production. In total the enterprise can produce more than 1,000 tons of duck meat annually.

Koskro also has its own parent stock of Dominant laying hens by a renown Czech company DOMINANT CZ. The company can produce hatching eggs from four Dominant cross-breeds and incubate them at its own hatchery. The combined production assets of the parent stock farm and hatchery can exceed a the monthly capacity of 100,000 day-old Dominant laying hens.

Koskro is proud to have chosen EMKA Hatchery Equipment.