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The quality of our incubators is what companies trust

We have been producing incubators for a while now.

We believe that with our unique innovations such as these, that we have been very busy improving incubation results.

  • The “Dry Hatch” with Teggnologic27
  • Dynamic Egg Weight Loss with our wireless DEL trolley
  • Dynamic Egg Cooling and Spraying, DECS for water-bird incubation
  • Active Vaccine Euthanizing for animal friendly vaccine production
  • Free cooling for extreme energy savings”Dry Hat

This is why the genetics companies trust EMKA Incubators. We are being asked to install incubators in their most secure environment and to produce above average quality chicks. That is why more and more commercial layer and broiler producers, such as you, trust EMKA Incubators.

We succeed because we care. We still have the small company mentality but have grown-up a lot.

Here is just a snippet of what we do: