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SWEDEN: swedfarm trusts EMKA Hatchery Equipment for expansion

Swedfarm, leading hatchery in Sweden and distributors of Moba and M’eggbot brands, among others, chooses EMKA Hatchery Equipment for their own new hatchery expansion in Sweden.

Having spoken to market colleagues and breeder suppliers that use EMKA, Mr Robert Muller has put his trust in EMKA Hatchery Equipment.

Of course the decision was made to install the incubators with the “Dry Hatch” technology which allows for even better quality chicks hatching.

The “Dry Hatch” which cools the incubators with water that is above the dew point and therefor doesn’t create any condensation, ensures that the chicks’ navels close faster than in traditional hatchers. It protects them.

Also, due to favourable climate conditions in Sweden, Swedfarm will be able to run the incubators without the need of an chiller for cooling the  incubator’s cooling water. This is a real financial windfall.