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RUSSIA: Novgorodsky Bacon trusts EMKA Incubators for its latest expansion

Russia’s Novgorodsky Bacon led by Mr ¬†Nisanov Roman Gennadievich, a longstanding EMKA Incubators customer,¬†again chooses EMKA Incubators for its latest expansion. The expansion will bring the hatchery to a total production of 25 million eggs per year. The company is going from strength to strength and looking forward to continuing growth and profitability.

Deputy production manager Sergei shows off his appreciation and trust in EMKA Incubators (see photos below) as he says that “The EMKA Incubators produce stunning performances again and again” and that is why we continue to choose EMKA.

Novgorodsky Bacon have been importing hatching eggs for the past few years and are contemplating starting their own Parentstock farm for part of the production.

Shaking hands on the new purchase with Deputy Director for poultry Mr Sergei.
Proud to be working with EMKA Incubators