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Emka VH- Setters and hatchers  are innovative through simplicity and accuracy, creating the best embryonic environment
– whatever the outside conditions,
– by controlling fluid and gas exchanges.
EMKA’s VH-model Setters and hatchers are standard equipped with the intelligent EMKAWARE controller allowing both single- and multi-stage operations.
Emka’s design guarantees a homogeneous air distribution within the incubator, resulting in superior performance. Temperature control is achieved through double cooling (air and/or water) and electric heating. The self cleaning nozzle humidification is combined with TDS (Total Disinfecting System). The automatic ventilation system can optionally be equipped with CO2-control. Turning by pneumatic cylinder.
All incubator cabinets are constructed using fiberglass reinforced polyester panels (woven mat) and anodized aluminum profiles. They are equipped with P.P. trays and 100% galvanic anticorrosion treated trolleys.
With hygiene in mind, the incubators are designed with obstruction free roof and smooth paneling for fast and thorough cleaning. The direct drive avoids cross contamination.
Fully CE-conform equipment.
Emka incubators are ready for single- (all-in all-out) and multi stage incubation of chicken, turkey, duck, goose and game bird eggs.
A homogeneous air distribution assures stable environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and CO2-level).
The Emka incubator design with spiral double cooling, combined with the superior EMKAWARE-controller, guarantees these results and withstands even the toughest pharmaceutical standards.
Through customer satisfaction proven performance.
Flexible high performance micro processor control system for monitoring and steering incubation.
The Emka incubator is operated by a large colour touch screen display.
Visualisation of all commands and settings through universal pictograms.
All incubators are equipped with a double cooling system (air- and water-cooling) that can be used in all possible combinations.
Emka’s water-cooling system, with its unique design (double spiral) and 15% more cooling capacity, guarantees an even distribution of temperature all over the incubator without hot or cold spots.
> seamless cooling coils
> without maintenance (no air releases)
> unique designed forced air blower
> priority and delay in cooling system programmable by the hatchery manager
Electric heating system with a one wire system for a safer and more reliable heating element.
Optional dual heating system with adjustable time for water heating.
Automatic regulation of ventilation through a double controlled (feed back) proportional servo-motor.
> perfect positioning of air-inlets and outlets for optimum distribution
> open design without dirt collectors
> automated possibility to evacuate surplus humidity at beginning of an incubation cycle
> automatic alarm function
CO2-CONTROL (optional)   
All Emka incubators can be fitted with CO2-steering.
This is an optional feature of the ventilation system.
> our special CO2-steering process boosts the quantity and quality of chicks
> dual wavelength infra red sensor
> choice between monitoring and steering
> totally adjustable parameters upon hatchery manager demands
> significant energy savings possible
With self cleaning atomising spraying nozzles, instant evaporation is achieved by injecting the water spray directly in the most fierce air stream in the incubator.
> after each spray, the nozzle is cleaned with an air purge (adjustable time)
> reduction of sedimentation in the nozzle head
> outside access for maintenance and control without opening incubator doors
The Total Disinfection System (TDS) is a standard feature on every Emka model, and can be equipped for a hatchery centralized system or receptacle on each individual incubator (positioned inside central panel).
> distribution through the humidification nozzle
> user friendly
> safe for the operator (safety countdown display) and for the environment
> adjustable disinfection intervals and volumes
> disinfection counter
For turning, Emka uses a simple and easy design for a fail-safe operation.
> time adjustable turning cycle programmable in 3 positions
> absolute left/right turning with a correct and stable horizontal position
> no maintenance needed, no grease nipples
> turning counter and failure alarm
Emka incubators have a direct drive for the pulsator to avoid cross contamination through openings of belt/shaft driven systems.
> direct-drive for fail safe operation and air distribution
> detection of speed and operation with a proximity sensor
> no maintenance
> power consumption savings
> pulsator designed for improved efficiency and performance
EMKA incubators are constructed using fibreglass (woven mat) reinforced polyester panels and anodised ( 20 µm ) aluminium profiles for protection against corrosion.
> extreme high tensile strenght and impact resistance
> superior insulation value
> large panels to avoid cold bridges (up to 7 m long for VH1152)
Central console panel assuring easy access for control and maintenance of all active components from the front side of the incubator.
All Emka controllers are equipped with necessary hard- and software ready to be used in a hatchery network. The MS Windows based EmkaLink™ hatchery management and supervision software is easy to install and user friendly.
> central monitoring and programming
> central operation, starting/stopping incubators
> central logging of all parameters
> centralized incubation program library
> central visual alarm handling