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NEPAL: VIZU POULTRY trusts EMKA Hatchery Equipment

Going for – 54% energy saving using Dry Cooler instead of Chiller.
More and more companies trust EMKA Hatchery Equipment
VIZU Poultry, Nepal trusts EMKA Hatchery Equipment

The “Dry Hatch” technology using 27°C water to cool the incubators has now been installed in many hatcheries around the world.
The reports are astounding;

superior quality at a fraction of the energy cost.

With its twofold advantage; incubational and energy saving, Vizu Poultry from Nepal has chosen to purchase their hatchery extension from EMKA Hatchery Equipment leaving their traditional supplier behind.

Mr Dhakshina the Hatchery Manager together with Mr Suresh Vaidya, the owner, decided to trust EMKA Hatchery Equipment by purchasing the world class Tegg-range incubators raising their production by another 6.000.000 a year. The incubators with the “Dry Hatch” option produce superior uniformity and chick quality are combined with Dry Cooler technology whereby no chiller is required to cool the machines.
The energy savings’ large financial advantage are because of only using the Dry Cooler, a -54% reduction in the cooling cost compared to having to use a chiller.

Tegg-range incubators

Incubators that are proving to be world class incubators.
Designed for world-wide performance from cold dry climates to hot and humid environments.
Here’s what you get from the Tegg-range

  • Teggnologic27 “Dry Hatch”
  • CO2-steering for a shorter hatch window
  • Fully sealing drop-down doors
  • Egg weight loss management and steering (option)
  • LED lighting for incubator room alarm visuals
  • Dry Cooler energy savings
  • Spiral cooling coils for even temperature distribution
  • Direct drive motors with Tegg-save energy saving module
  • Fluffless plenums through the use of fluffbags