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Meet Emka Incubators at VIV ASIA Bangkok March 2017


With the growing interest in EMKA Incubators by Asian hatcheries, we’ve decided to be present at the VIV Asia in Bangkok in March again.

Since  our  first entry into Asia a few years ago large hatcheries in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India have been enjoying our unique single stage incubation with the “Dry Hatch”.

For a young company we can truly say that we have put our signature on the Asian map.

Come and discover what EMKA Incubators can do for you.

We know we can:

  • Increase your hatchability
  • Improve your uniformity
  • Lower your energy bill
  • Enhance your biosecurity
  • Make you proud about trusting EMKA Incubators

You’ll be able to find us on our booth N° 2165