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Bangladesh: Diamond Chicken trusts EMKA Incubators

Another Asian poultry producer trusts EMKA Incubators.

EMKA Incubators is rapidly developing its market and popularity in Asia. The incubators are particularly suited for hot and humid climates.

Diamond Chicks Ltd. , Bangladeshi leader in layer chicks has chosen to follow the path of ever more poultry producers.

Mr Mohammed Kayser, owner and managing director of Diamond Chicks Ltd. has decided not only to  install a brand new EMKA Incubators hatchery with a capacity of 24 million eggs per year but also to go ahead with another broiler hatchery of 12 million eggs.

Both hatcheries will be equipped with VH-range single stage setters and hatchers having the “Dry Hatch” Teggnologic27 option which is unique to EMKA Incubators and is particularly suited for the climate.

The hatcheries will be supplied with CO² steering, full automation , air-handling and utilities from EMKA Incubators. EMKA Incubators is even supplying the electrical such as the switchboard and low tension panels for the hatchery. Mr Kayser was adamant that EMKA should supply these as he wanted trusted and proven European standard equipment.

The first hatchery will be operational in the first semester of  2017.