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SOOS Egg sex Determination - an EMKA partner

For many years now EMKA Hatchery Equipment has been helping with the building and designing of commercial sex determination incubators for SOOS, an Israeli start-up active in the poultry sector.

Imagine a factory that throws away half of its production. This is how the egg-production industry works.
Every year, commercial hatcheries around the world produce 15 billion chicks: 7.5 billion are females that can lay eggs,
and 7.5 billion are males that have no commercial use and are therefore exterminated after they hatch.

This practice involves major animal suffering and abuse, and a huge waste of energy, water, incubation space, and production
capacity that could be used to ensure better nutritional security globally.

SOOS developed an incubation system that affect the sex development process in poultry embryo and turn genetic males into functional female chicks.

Their system operates an incubation protocol that controls a combination of:


- Temperature

- Humidity

- CO2 levels

- Sound Vibrations


SOOS has won a 1.000.000 USD first prize from Grow NY and Cornell University to further their research.

SOOS sex determination means that you can determine, not detect the sex of the embryo.

Whereas some companies are detecting the sex of the embryo and then aborting the foetus, SOOS is able to induce a specific sex, whether it be male or female.

The related practice is already widespread in the production of alligators, crocodiles and tortoises.

EMKA Hatchery Equipment is proud to be associated with SOOS.