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Canada: Couvoir Scott trusts EMKA

Couvoir Scott from Quebec, Canada have decided to trust EMKA Hatchery Equipment for the renewal of their existing hatchery.

Mr Sébastien Morin, General Manager of Couvoir Scott visited EMKA's factory and a few of its large scale hatcheries in Europe to discover the potential and unique advantages of the Dry Hatch.

Couvoir Scott is replacing all of its existing hatchers with state of the art Tegg-range in a 3-stage renewal plan.

The first stage production is underway and will be installed before the summer.

Particular about this project is that Couvoir Scott has decided to follow EMKA's advice to run the incubators without the need of chillers during the seasons when the outside temperature is below 24°C using free cooling Dry Coolers.

This particular high energy saving system is only possible with the Teggnologic27 installation that allows for cooling with water of 27°C.

Moreover the Dry Hatch helps with the production of better quality uniform chick because there is no condensation or water on the incubator floors and thus speeds up the healing of the navel when the chicks hatch.


We welcome Couvoir Scott in the EMKA Hatchery Equipment family.




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