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Bangladesh: Dhaka Breeders & Hatchery trust EMKA


Mr Khalilur Rahman Sojol, MD of Dhaka Breeders and Hatcheries together with Mr Abul Kalam Azad from the parent company Dhaka Group have chosen

to go with EMKA Hatchery Equipment for their new 36.000.000 hatchery.

Best Agro Engineering, EMKA's agent in Bangladesh

showed off our existing hatchery in the country.

The decider was EMKA's "Dry Hatch" which is particularly suited for hot and humid climates.

The results that have been witnessed are impressive.

Dhaka Breeders and Hatcheries have already started the build of

the hatchery. It will house 18 * 115200 egg setters and  9 * 38400 hatchers,

all with Teggnologic27, Dry Hatch.

EMKA Hatchery Equipment will be supplying all incubators,

HVAC and automation making this virtually a complete turn-key project.