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2020 results were great

EMKA Hatchery Equipment just posted its 2020 yearly results.


Although 2019-2020 were COVID years, EMKA put particular efforts into remote installations and customer care and cost-cutting while increasing recruitment.


Although there were no international trade fairs to open-up the sales funnel, sales exceeded expectations for the first year of renewed operation. The profits were the best ever since the takeover by the Abrahams and Geldof families.


Their combined efforts paid-off and EMKA Hatchery Equipment was able to post record revenue and profits.

This is especially important to EMKA. The outlook to the future and its position as a preferred and solid future-proof partner is hereby reinforced.


It remains EMKA Hatchery Equipment's objective to further strengthen its financial position to be able to auto-finance ever larger hatchery projects and invest in further research and development.

Developments such as stackable Ultra Compact trays, new hatchery management software Link 2.0, remote installation support and videos, fine-tuned incubation programs for broilers and layers, are all part of EMKA's drive and future.


Our aim is to continue to offer outstanding and stunning hatchery performance; every time.